What’s in a name?

As I’m sending off my manuscripts to publishers, I keep seeing and signing my name…And I wonder, is it a good one?

I have two friends in the vicinity with writerly intentions. One of them recently finished a novel, which her agent is now circulating in the publishing houses (so happy for you, L!) She has a great name for a writer; snappy, crisp, and an alliterating one at that! (L.L. – isn’t that perfection?)

Then, there’s my other friend, S.B, who is in the beginning process of writing, trying to carve out time and get going already! Her name is a great one, too. Not because of alliteration, but because it’s unusual, yet memorable. Plus, her last name is, frankly, deliciously gothic. Too bad she doesn’t seem interested in writing a vampire romance novel (or are you, SB?).

And then there’s me. Angelica Hagman. It has potential, I admit. The name Angelica means angelic, which carries certain allure. Hagman…hmm, a solid name, to be sure, but maybe not as…ethereal?

The question is, should I write under a pen name? 

And if so, what would that pen name be?

Archer Bowstaff?
Cornelia Camelot?
Frank Incense?
Reed Mee?
Wry T. Err?

The possibilities are endless… 

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