Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

dadLittle L wants to say something to the best dad in the whole wide world (interpreted by mom):

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Thank you for playing with me. I especially like that new game where we touch index fingers and you go “bzzzz.”

Thank you for letting me chew on the enormous cucumber slice at the restaurant we went to the other day.

Thank you for showing me the turkey and all those other funny animals at the county fair.

Thank you for taking me on my first train ride – I really was a silly sausage on the way back home, wasn’t I? (who can blame me though: it was way past my bedtime!)

Thank you for not getting mad at me when I grabbed a hold of my food (while you looked away for one millisecond) and spilled it all over the linen table cloth at that fancy restaurant we went to on Saturday to celebrate Father’s Day. In my defense, I thought orange would look good on white.

I will thank you one day for not letting me climb out of my high chair, fall down to the floor, and break my neck. And for digging various objects out of my mouth (dirt and wood chips look like food, ok?)

Most of all, thank you for loving me and my mom! We love you, too!
P.S. I’m sorry that the first thing I did on Father’s Day was to spit up on you. Oops.

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