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Dream Lessons

hospitalbedTo preface this post: I generally don’t ascribe much significance to dreams. But these were just too good to pass up. 

Last night, I dreamt I gave birth to my second son (hang in there a few weeks more though, buddy! Or at least until after our move this week).

The thing is: it didn’t really hurt. Not even afterwards (mothers everywhere nodding in understanding). Oh, and I left the hospital about five minutes later, fully functional.

Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

Alas, most good things in life come as the product of struggle. Sometimes, a long and hard struggle.

I guess I needed that reminder right now, both as a writer and as a human being.

Oh, I also dreamt I took the new baby on a bus, and he went missing. Or, rather, I lost track of him because I had too many things to carry. Even after a thorough search of the bus, I didn’t find the baby (he turned up later, though, unscathed but hungry). I did, however, locate one of my paper bags. I thought the baby might be in the bag, but all it contained was some molding bread.

Hm. I really need to start focusing on the essentials, don’t I?

Had any “life lesson” dreams lately?

Some Things Take Time…


My toddler is a little too eager to get going in the morning (for his parents’ tastes, anyway…). Cartoons (don’t judge) help delay the inevitable. On one of this morning’s episodes of Curious George, George planted carrots. Imagine the sweet monkey’s disappointment when he realized carrots didn’t grow from seed to ready-to-pick overnight!

One of my responsibilities as a mom is to teach my child to delay gratification, to be patient. If only I could learn that lesson myself!

Not that this life hasn’t offered me plenty of opportunities to learn patience. Seven years passed before I could get pregnant with my first son. My husband and I put in an offer on a house in January and we still haven’t heard the final word on it (but it’s leaning toward a big fat no). I’ve waited for months and months to hear back from publishers or magazines, only to finally receive form rejection letters.

As much as I need to become more patient in dealing with circumstances like these, I have a much harder time being patient with…(drumroll, please):


Surprise, surprise.

I am especially impatient with myself when it comes to my writing. Why do I stumble over word placement, trip over plots, slip over descriptions? Why can’t I get the pitch for my book to really sing? Why can’t I just finish editing my manuscript and send it off to agents already?

Bottom line: why can’t I just be a great writer overnight? That would be soooo much better.


But this morning, Curious George’s quest to grow carrots reminded me:

Just keep watering, Angelica. Let the sun shine on your developing talent. Keep it nourished with good earth. 

And if the carrot doesn’t come out a big prizewinner, who is to say it won’t nourish and gladden someone’s heart?

Ps. I know this isn’t my first post on patience. And honestly, it probably won’t be the last, either! =P

Simple Pleasures

simplepleasuresMy toddler loves to play and tumble around in the sand (he likes to throw sand, too, but we try to discourage that). Hiding from his parents, climbing on furniture, pulling stuff out of cupboards, banging on the computer keyboard? Crazy fun.

As I watch my son take in this world, I often think:

Children are so much better than grown-ups at enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

I know I definitely need to get better at acknowledging and savoring the simple pleasures in my own life (in fact, I recently wrote a post on a related topic). So, here is my attempt at doing so today by sharing two of my simple pleasures.

Simple pleasure in writing: When I realize I’ve unconsciously “planted” an element (e.g. an object or a detail mentioned in passing) that I can develop into a more significant part of the story or use as a symbol.

Simple pleasure in life: Taking a shower – especially now when I’m on bed rest and don’t get to stand up for very long. If my doctor banned showering? Tragic, indeed.

What are some simple pleasures in your life?