Simple Pleasures

simplepleasuresMy toddler loves to play and tumble around in the sand (he likes to throw sand, too, but we try to discourage that). Hiding from his parents, climbing on furniture, pulling stuff out of cupboards, banging on the computer keyboard? Crazy fun.

As I watch my son take in this world, I often think:

Children are so much better than grown-ups at enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

I know I definitely need to get better at acknowledging and savoring the simple pleasures in my own life (in fact, I recently wrote a post on a related topic). So, here is my attempt at doing so today by sharing two of my simple pleasures.

Simple pleasure in writing: When I realize I’ve unconsciously “planted” an element (e.g. an object or a detail mentioned in passing) that I can develop into a more significant part of the story or use as a symbol.

Simple pleasure in life: Taking a shower – especially now when I’m on bed rest and don’t get to stand up for very long. If my doctor banned showering? Tragic, indeed.

What are some simple pleasures in your life?

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