Dream Lessons

hospitalbedTo preface this post: I generally don’t ascribe much significance to dreams. But these were just too good to pass up. 

Last night, I dreamt I gave birth to my second son (hang in there a few weeks more though, buddy! Or at least until after our move this week).

The thing is: it didn’t really hurt. Not even afterwards (mothers everywhere nodding in understanding). Oh, and I left the hospital about five minutes later, fully functional.

Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

Alas, most good things in life come as the product of struggle. Sometimes, a long and hard struggle.

I guess I needed that reminder right now, both as a writer and as a human being.

Oh, I also dreamt I took the new baby on a bus, and he went missing. Or, rather, I lost track of him because I had too many things to carry. Even after a thorough search of the bus, I didn’t find the baby (he turned up later, though, unscathed but hungry). I did, however, locate one of my paper bags. I thought the baby might be in the bag, but all it contained was some molding bread.

Hm. I really need to start focusing on the essentials, don’t I?

Had any “life lesson” dreams lately?

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