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How to Choose Between Good Things

thisthatI am back! Taking time off from writing to adjust to being a mother of two was a good decision. The next time I temporarily step away from writing, however, I will try not to think about my writing so much! Truth be told, I have realized by now that writing is probably always going to be in the back of my mind, even if I haven’t penned a word in months. But maybe I can at least push away writing-related anxiety and self-doubt? Or avoid reading writing and publishing blogs every day? Or not fret about how I really should be published by now? Oh, the writing life! *melodramatic sigh*

ANYWAY…For me, being officially back in business has meant selecting a new major project to work on! Well, two major projects. I don’t know how that happened…Considering I started out with a list of twenty-two (yes, 22!) viable ideas for novels, I’d say whittling it down to two is a decent accomplishment!

So, how did I do it? How does one choose between good things in general?

My decision process will probably disappoint you. I didn’t narrow down my list of twenty-two to ten, then to five, then to two. I didn’t list the pros and cons to every book idea, or even for the ones I ultimately chose to work on. I didn’t perform a market analysis on the gaps in Young Adult Fiction (sorry, agents and editors!). I didn’t do a lot of things I probably should have done.

What did I do? I went on feeling.

Oh, man. Feeling? How many “gut feelings” have ultimately ended up in abysmal failure? My guess—too many to count.

My selection process may have been unscientific, but it wasn’t completely arbitrary. The two projects I settled on intrigue me. I WANT to write them (probably a good prerequisite…). A fair amount of praying has gone into the selection. Also, I shared the list of twenty-two projects with my husband, asking his opinion on what to work on next. Without my revealing the two novel ideas that had been pressing on my mind, he ultimately settled on the exact same projects—even if some of the other ideas felt more “exciting” to him (this was also true for me, by the way).

Does this mean my two works-in-progress are going to be sure-fire bestsellers? No (but that would be nice). Does it mean they are sure to get published? No (but that would also be nice). Does it mean I will even finish writing them? No (but if I don’t I can’t have any chocolate for an entire…week). Does it mean I am supposed to work on them for some reason, if only to turn over the ideas in my mind?

I certainly hope so! =)

I any case, I am excited—and afraid, of course—to work on my two new Young Adult novels. Let’s hope I deliver so I don’t lose all credibility for going on feeling!

Any tips on choosing between good things?