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What’s Up?

Asilomar: the perfect spot for a Writers' Conference!

Asilomar: the perfect spot for a Writers’ Conference!

Yes, it’s been about six months since I posted last. 

Oh, well.

I may not be a diligent blogger, but I haven’t been (completely) idle. A few things I’ve been up to in the past six months:

-I’ve been writing. Shocking, I know. Some months have been intense for me in the writing department, some much less so. I may have more to say in a later post, because I think I may have found a key to writing consistency! (sorry for leaving you hanging)

-One of my magazine articles was published, and a short story accepted for publication. (forthcoming in October) Considering I submit few articles and short stories, I consider this a great success!

-I attended the Golden Gate Conference at Asilomar, hosted by the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Great experience – can’t wait for their Los Angeles conference in August!

-I joined a critique group. I love my group. That said, I may have cried on my way home from one or two of the meetings. Don’t worry – it’s all growing pains.

-I recently returned from a trip to Europe. Once more, I rediscovered the importance of vacation inspiration. My husband and I even left our two kids with my mom for a few days and headed down to Sicily. While there, I researched some things for one of my novels. And ate plenty of gelato! (mmm)

Ok, now that I’ve blatantly disregarded one of the fundamental rules of blogging by making this post only about myself, I turn things over to you.

Consider the past six months of your life. Like me, you may discover that you’ve accomplished more than you thought.

And if you find you haven’t, no worries…I’ll just see you in another six months!