9 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Writer (and More)

Not to freak you out or anything, but Christmas is only about two months away.

Stop googling “fantabulous Christmas gifts,” and stay with me.

Because I’ve got you covered. Well, for the writers in your life, anyway (and a few more). One of my previous posts got me thinking about gifts for writers (well, myself), and since I always need an excuse to not write, I checked out some stuff on Etsy.

And as usual, Etsy doesn’t disappoint. So, here we go:

9 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Writer

1. {via} Yup.



2. {via} One way to absorb the classics.



3. {via} Bonus: can possibly also be used to open a large vein from which to spill the blood mentioned in the above quote.nib


4. {via} Sleeping has been proved to solve writer’s block…or wait…make it worse?



5. {via} Because whatever you write in this beauty will seem brilliant.



6. {via} Calm and write in the same sentence? Who knew that was even possible?



7. {via} Tip: those clips can also be traded for spy cameras…



8. {via} Because every writer needs something to throw forcefully into the wall.


9. {via} Writers need to be pithy even when we just write a bunch of blah, blah, blah.



And because it’s not nice to discriminate, here are some great gifts for loved ones in a handful of other professions. (and here is where things almost spiral out of control…)


Veterinarian/Doctor – {via} Stay classy!



Time Traveler  {via} It worked for Hermione…



Mechanic – {via} Break those blue collar stereotypes with a cravat!



Psychologist – {via} Do you see an inkblot, or a time keeping device?



Plumber – {via} Really mature…



That’s just a small sample to get you started. I hope you’ve been inspired, and that you find that perfect Christmas gift for the special writer in your life! (or phrenologist, or pirate, or…)

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