Just because I’m an unpublished author (pre-published, in fancy terms) doesn’t mean I can’t give you some insight into what kind of books I write. Here are a few of my past and current projects. I can’t wait for you to read them!



White Scorpion. Futuristic Fantasy. Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt again, and Pompeii’s future depends on one young woman’s ability to keep her twin sister – and hope – alive.

The Do-Gooders. Contemporary. When the principal of San Lazaro High asks three students for suggestions on how to improve school spirit, she has no idea their answer will change lives forever. The question becomes: for good or ill?

Disguise. Fantasy. Three months after her wedding, seventeen-year-old Lyssia still hasn’t met her new husband. When she learns his life is in danger, however, she disguises herself as a boy and joins the crew on her husband’s ship to find out who he is and why he married her.

Patched Together. Fantasy. When seventeen-year-old princess Celinda discovers her father is punishing innocent subjects for her mother’s murder, Celinda has to decide whose side she’s on before more people die.



Bubbles’ Ghost Sanctuary. Paranormal. Since establishing the Ghost Sanctuary at Morning Glory castle a year ago, twelve-year-old Charles Bubblegum the Fifth has kept the sixty-eight ghost residents safe and separate from the living world. Too bad the pretty daughter of the sixty-ninth resident is about to ruin everything.



Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Looks for a Job. Rudolph likes his reindeer job, but itches to do more during off-Christmas. After he and Santa evaluate other job opportunities on the North Pole, Rudolph decides to try his luck elsewhere.

Trouble on Giant Street. Daddy has sold all the houses on Giant Street in one big deal. He and Buddy will soon find out exactly how big – or should I say giant?

Petra Finds Something New. When Petra the troll finds an abandoned human baby she doesn’t know she’s about to find something even newer.

What Is This? When the animals at the Zoo find a mysterious object, they have many theories as to what it is. But when Caretaker Jim comes looking for his lost car key, nobody but Parrot has a clue what he’s talking about.

Miss Handsome. Miss Handsome, a pair of gloves that belongs to the Queen, is very proud of how beautiful, valuable, and special she is. Then she ends up on the small stinky hands of a girl named Sadie.

Teddy Tumbleweed Finds Gold. Teddy is a nice little mouse orphan, but the other mice still bully him. One morning, Teddy’s finally had enough. He sells his flea circus and – with a dream of finding gold in California – hops on the first tumbleweed rushing by in the wind.

Morning Hair. Mom says Cassie’s hair always looks like a crow’s nest in the morning, but Grandpa sees more in her tangles.

Alakazoo, Alakaz-oops! Monkey finds a wizard’s wand and uses it to magically change the appearance of his friends Giraffe, Lion, and Elephant.

Who Ate My Bologna-and-Cheese Sandwich? Leon is determined to find out who ate his Bologna-and-Cheese Sandwich. Could the person to blame be the one he least suspects?

A Perfect Fit. Mama Giraffe is freezing and Jiffy wants to help her find something to wear that will warm her up – but can they find a perfect fit?

Why Do We Keep Him, Anyway? Kai is angry because his little brother, Gus, broke his best dinosaur. When Kai asks Dad why they don’t just get rid of Gus, Dad lets Kai come up with the answer himself.

I Love You and I’m Gonna Prove It! Michael loves his mom and is desperate to prove it to her. But the proof has to be big enough, and it makes Michael sad to have to wait until he’s able to pull off his grand plans. Is there really no way to prove his love for Mom today?

I’m Not Sophie. Sophie likes to pretend she’s anybody and anything but herself, especially when Daddy tells her to do silly things like clean her room and eat her vegetables.

Let’s Build a Sandcastle, Sophie! When Sophie’s friend Ella suggests they make a sandcastle together, Sophie thinks they can do much better.

Mind Your Manners, Mommy! Sophie is quick to tell Mommy to mind her manners, but will she learn some of her own?

Sophie Picks a Christmas Tree. It’s Sophie’s turn to pick a Christmas tree, and she knows exactly what she wants. Both times.

Sophie Makes Dinner. Sophie doesn’t want Mom’s meatloaf for dinner, so she decides to whip up some of her own recipes.

Dear Sophie. Sophie answers her friends’ and neighbors’ most pressing questions.

I Can’t! Ezra automatically assumes he can’t do hard things. Luckily, Mommy is an encourager and in the end, Ezra has a chance to be one, too.

I’m Not Scared of You! (Okay, Maybe A Little). Sammy is more than a little afraid of many things, but he faces his fears anyway.