Working 9 to 5

Ideas: oh how I love it when they come to me! (instead of me having to chase after themas if they were super speedy crawling babies…)

Except…well, imagine this:

It’s 2:04am. Baby wakes up. Go feed baby. Go back to bed. Await sleep. Baby doesn’t quite settle. Get up, help baby fall asleep. Slip back into bed, await sleep once more. And then…

*BAM!* Ideas attack me from all sides like killer birds, pecking, pecking, pecking.

Okay, it wasn’t that intense (or uncomfortable), but you get the picture. Here my mind is, reeling with ideas about my future writer website and blog posts, and I can’t stop the flow! Besides, it’s one of those nights – too hot with the cover, too cold without. Aargh!

Last time I checked the clock, it was 5:21am. Three hours of trying to fall back asleep, alternating between welcoming and batting away those pesky little idea birds.

I probably fell asleep around 5:30am or so. Naturally, baby awakes at 5:49am. Oh well…at least I had time to dream about a 4th of July celebration on the beach. Pretty sweet, right? I thought so too until I stepped too close to the water, got sucked down into the sharply downward-sloping sand (while holding baby, no less). Fortunately, however, after being slapped around by tornado-like waves the size of Texas, I realized I must be dreaming and pushed myself out of the dream. Then, I awoke from “being awake.” Is that how the movie Inception came to be, I wonder?

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m grateful for every idea I can get my hands on. But, to those new ideas contemplating a visit – please consider arriving between 9 to 5 – from 9am to 5pm, that is, not from 9pm to 5am!!

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